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Review offers by share price and quantity. Place a buy order at your desired price and number of shares, and if a match is made, your order is executed.


Buy more shares offered on Realland Exchange or sell your previous investments if they are eligible to trade.

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Why sell a property via Tokenize Crowdfunding?

From the listing of your property to the management of technical aspects, including the marketing, Realland handles everything for you and helps you track your results in real time.

Trade Real Estate Units

Your investors become your ambassadors

Public financing brings you unit holder who are at the same time potential ambassadors of your real estate goods.

Trade Real Estate Units

Build your wealth without personal contribution

Become the Owner of 10% (of LLC tokens) of the real estate you find, share, and manage. Realland is a platform that values your ability to find real estate deals and share them with your network of investors boosted by Realland.

Boost the audience of the real estate you are targeting

Realland will allow you to increase your personal network of investors and therefore increase your purchasing capacity for the property you are targeting. The more your success is shared and appreciated, the more your heritage will be developed.

Tools and speakers available 7 days a week

Among other things, you will be able to receive free alerts on the latest Properties for sale on the market and set up the SAS which will carry the Properties you manage. Notaries, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, artisans ... Realland connects you.

What types of property to Tokenize on Realland as
a Property Owner?

Choosing a good property investment depends above all on your project and therefore on your expectations. Would you like to build an estate, buy to rent, or collect additional income? Depending on your plans, you can find the property that suits you.


Apartments / Houses

The older the property, the lower the taxes. You still have to find a safe investment in the old for good rental returns.


Apartments / Houses

New goods are not the most profitable on the market. A manager - a bit of a do-it-yourselfer - can expect up to 9% of gross profitability by successfully financing an old property by renovating it.



Significant changes in the office market are underway. New methods are emerging in companies and suggest a redesign of this market. Good deals are to be expected.


Investment Buildings

Composed of several apartments and designed as an investment by the owner investor. The latter is looking for a high return and can logically move towards this option.


Service & Tourism Residences

Although less known than its colleagues, service residences have many advantages. Indeed, the rental purchase of an apartment by the sea or in the mountains is a great opportunity that can allow you to generate good profitability.

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